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Washington’s Haunted Hotspots – Win a FREE Copy!

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We were delighted to welcome Linda Moffitt to The Paranormal View this weekend to discuss her fun new travel guide to the best haunts in the state of Washington!  As a treat to the HD listeners in Seattle, we focused on dozens of local haunts and shared some of the bizarre tales of sites with serial killer connections, record-holding suicides, and mysteries like the elusive Goat Man or the Mysterious Hole that consumed everything tossed into it.

To win a free copy of Washington’s Haunted Hotspots, you need only be the first person to comment on this post with the correct answer to this trivia question:

What was the name of the town we asked Linda about where you can stay at a haunted hotel, eat at a haunted restaurant, and see a film at a haunted theatre all within a few blocks?

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