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Washington’s Haunted Hotspots – Win a FREE Copy!

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We were delighted to welcome Linda Moffitt to The Paranormal View this weekend to discuss her fun new travel guide to the best haunts in the state of Washington!  As a treat to the HD listeners in Seattle, we focused on dozens of local haunts and shared some of the bizarre tales of sites with serial killer connections, record-holding suicides, and mysteries like the elusive Goat Man or the Mysterious Hole that consumed everything tossed into it.

To win a free copy of Washington’s Haunted Hotspots, you need only be the first person to comment on this post with the correct answer to this trivia question:

What was the name of the town we asked Linda about where you can stay at a haunted hotel, eat at a haunted restaurant, and see a film at a haunted theatre all within a few blocks?

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Ohio Paranormal Convention

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Cover of "Weird Ohio (Weird)"

Cover of Weird Ohio (Weird)

If you weren’t there, you missed out on some fun!  Highlights from the weekend included our first face-to-face meetings with Dave Scott (AKA Dave From Ohio) who was featured on a past episode of The Paranormal View all about the state’s wide variety of urban legends, James A. Willis (author of Weird Ohio) who was featured in an episode with the same name,  and John Kachuba (author of Ghosthunting Ohio and Ghosthunting Illinois) who will be a guest of The Paranormal View in the near future.

Last, but certainly not least, we had a great time trading stories and goofing around with Keith Age (Spooked and Children of the Grave).  I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again very soon… wink, wink!

In this picture (from left to right):  John Kachuba, Keith Age, Beth Brown, and Henry Foister.


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Ghostbusters – 1954?

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Ghostbusters Fan Ivan Guerrero has put together this hilarious spoof of what it would be like if Ghostbusters had been made in 1954 instead of 1984. The video splices together a ton of old clips from Ghost Breakers and Flubber (amongst others) to recreate scenes and themes from Ghostbusters.

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Are You Ready to RUMBLE??

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Don’t forget, this Saturday’s LIVE episode of the Paranormal View is SKEPTIC TANK 5! Batboy, the Skeptic Extraordinaire, returns to defend his title as Master Debater against all who challenge him. If you think you have what it takes to bring Batboy down, speak up now and you could have your chance this weekend!

Join the chat room at Para-X to participate in fantastic discussion (the skeptics on air really know how to work up the chatters!) and to interact with the show by submitting YOUR questions for the panel.

Skeptic Tank 5 - Batboy Reigns Supreme
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