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Gettysburg III photos!

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Hiya Everyone, Kat here!

Over the course of our Gettysburg III event, I took over 800 photos! Here are some of the best from our weekend visiting the battlefield and broadcasting from the David Stewart Farm.

Henry, Steve Shockley, Tammy Shockley, Tiffaney and Joe Mason, Craig, Tabby Cat and I met up and then drove out to Sachs Bridge.

The bridge saw hundreds of Confederate troops cross it after the Battle of Gettysburg. TabbyCat and Steve, and to a mild extent myself, smelled pipe smoke along the creek on the west bank. The bridge is said to be haunted, and one of the phenomena that occurs there is the smell of General Lee’s pipe smoke.

Next, we went up to Little Round Top…


…and then met up with Tina at Devil’s Den!

After exploring the area, we picked up some Tommy’s Pizzas and had a lively evening of sharing ghost stories at the David Stewart Farm. Henry and I had rented spare rooms at the farm, so we stayed there all weekend long!


And that was all on Friday!

On Saturday morning Henry, Tina, Steve, Tammy, and I met up at the Lincoln Diner. I love their pancakes! We also made plans for what sites we were going to visit during the day, before the radio show.



A little surprise was a Confederate Reenactment site next to the Rupp House in downtown Gettysburg.

We first met up with Nancy du Tertre (the skeptical psychic and previous guest on our show),  Craig (a former host of the show) and a friend of his at the Jennie Wade House. We didn’t have time to tour the house, but we did get to see the door with the bullet hole Jennie was standing next to when she was shot. After that, we went to the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

The group then walked around downtown Gettysburg, visiting the new Ghost Shop, and running into the legend himself, John Zaffis! Henry visited a haunted outhouse, and we got ice cream at Mr. G’s!

Full group photo!



Oh yeah, and we finally found Henry a proper restroom?



We also visited Spangler’s Spring and found the landmark for Steve’s great, great (possibly a third great here) grandfather’s unit who fought at Gettysburg.


After that, it was time for us to get a quick bite to eat and head back to the David Stewart Farm to set up for the show.


Also, here is what the inside of the barn, which used to be a Confederate field hopital, looked like:



See along that far wall? We could see the silhouettes of late soldiers smoking along it. We could see the glowing embers of their cigarettes as they would put them up to their mouths for a puff. Both Tammy and TabbyCat had the sensation of being touched. Henry also saw his first full-on shadow person and could also see the glowing embers of the cigarettes, so he can’t say he hasn’t seen a ghost any more!

Before leaving on Sunday, I met up with Craig, Tiffaney, and Joe at Devil’s Den. This time there weren’t so many tourists around, and Tiffaney did hit on some things at Devil’s Den. Also, I got  a rather weird photo…



The last stop I made was at the Triangular Field. Last year I saw a full apparition of a Confederate Soldier walking through the field. This year I didn’t see him.

And that was that! To next year’s Gettysburg IV! See you next April!


Return of the Skeptics!

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Skeptic Tank 6

You’ve waited long enough!  The Skeptics vs. Believers debate continues THIS SATURDAY with a new-to-the-Paranormal-View member on each team.  Trust me, these are some tough cookies with the brains to back up the brawn.  Tell your friends and mark your calendars now – this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Listen LIVE and interact with the hosts and the on-air guests at:

Vandalism and the Paranormal Community

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Vandalised door

On Saturday’s show with Michael Varhola, the discussion rolled around to how it is becoming more and more difficult to get permission to investigate historic (and of course, paranormally active) sites. This is not because these sites just want to shun the curious, it is because they’ve been burned by individuals and teams claiming to be investigators who trash the property on which they’re “researching”. Extreme cases even involve thrill-seekers and outright vandals causing irreparable damage (think open fires here…) and destroying artifacts and the like.

I personally felt these sorts of instances were the exception, not the norm. Sadly, my opinion is changing with the growing number of true investigators coming forward with stories of sites refusing them access because of a case of property damage from another group in the past. This gets me really fumed! Everyone out there who cares even a tiny bit about preserving the past, whether it be for historic education or for the opportunity to research paranormal activity, needs to draw attention to the people who are ruining it for the rest of us. I hate to see the paranormal community affected by the carelessness of thrill-seekers.

I really would like for you to share your opinions on this topic, especially if your requests for investigations have been turned down because of the actions of someone else. That’s right – sound off!

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What is EVIDENCE to You?

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I had the pleasure of acting as guest co-host for Haunted Downunder Radio tonight with the infamous (but always entertaining) Rusty O’Nhiall.  We discussed an often debated topic that really needs no debate at all – EVIDENCE.

When you’re investigating the paranormal and you record audio tracks or take photos, you are collecting DATA.  When that data contains anomalies that cannot be explained – even by the most thorough of experts – you then likely have EVIDENCE.  A speck on a photo does not proof of the paranormal make.

Anyway, I’d like for the listeners of The Paranormal View to have an opportunity to chime in on this topic.  What are your opinions about evidence and how critical are you in classifying your data as such?

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