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What Happens When Horror Meets The Paranormal?

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You get a convention that’s so much fun you don’t want it to end!

My new pals from the Screampark in Lexington, KY

Scarefest 2009 brought together movie and TV stars, paranormal personalities, and some DEDICATED fans for a weekend that was non-stop excitement.  Henry and I joined forces with lots of other Para-X family members like Tom and Dave Jones of KAPS Paranormal Radio, Jamie Standifird of Paravision, Bishop James Long and Frances Etienne of The Sacred Division, the team of SHOK Syndicate, and more to scour the venue for guests to interview on-air for The Paranromal Television Network.  The results?  Pure hilarity!

Check out replays and video-on-demand from the event at

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Are You Scared Yet?

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If not, come join The Paranormal View at Scarefest 2009!  Meet the cast of “Ghost Adventures”, paranormal icon John Zaffis, Shannon Sylvia of “Ghost Hunters International”, and too many horror movie stars to list.  Don’t believe me?  Go check out the convention page:

Are You Ready to RUMBLE??

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Don’t forget, this Saturday’s LIVE episode of the Paranormal View is SKEPTIC TANK 5! Batboy, the Skeptic Extraordinaire, returns to defend his title as Master Debater against all who challenge him. If you think you have what it takes to bring Batboy down, speak up now and you could have your chance this weekend!

Join the chat room at Para-X to participate in fantastic discussion (the skeptics on air really know how to work up the chatters!) and to interact with the show by submitting YOUR questions for the panel.

Skeptic Tank 5 - Batboy Reigns Supreme
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It’s Your Turn: Choose the Best Paranormal TV Show

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