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Paranormal Potpourri Show

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Hiya Everyone, Kat here!

Due to a family emergency, our guest was unable to join us at the last minute. So tonight’s show was a paranormal potpourri night! We talked about a variety of topics, from meteors to naked men; the Snallygaster to the Mystery Machine getting into an accident. Links to the news articles and fun videos are posted below!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane..

First off, there was a meteor  spotted hurtling over New England this past Tuesday. Sadly, I didn’t see it (it happened at 1AM EST) but dozens of others did! Below is dash-cam footage from a police officer in Maine.

“You’re not supposed to eat the trigger object.”

Henry gave a short review of Destination America’s new show Ghost Brothers. He gave the show a shining 4/5 stars, saying that it is very real and an enjoyment to watch. da-bio-image

Florida Mom Sees God In Baby’s Soiled Diaper

Next article is that a mom in Florida discovered the holy spirit in a surprising place.


Ghost for sale

Barbara provided this story, a man selling a haunted chest with a ghost for $300.


Snallygaster, naked men, and a Werewolf

We talked about the Snallygaster, Kat’s favorite American cryptid. We also talked about creepy haunted dolls.

Next, dumb criminals with this crazy trespasser:


Marine’s Encounter with the Black Eyed Kid

Geoff read a news story about a US Marine’s encounter with the legendary Black Eyed Children.

UFOs over Turkey

Sherri, a member of our chat room group, submitted a story for us! Pilots flyinig through Turkey en route to Istanbul Airport spotted two UFOs on their approach to the airport.

Ruh-Roh Scooby Doo!

Barbara provided this news article about theives who stole the Mystery Machine, then crashed it into a house.


Ghost Buster trailers square off…

Finally, we compare the fan cut teaser of the new Ghost Busters movie with the original trailer of the 1984 Ghost Busters movie.

The original cut of the new Ghost Busters movie is one of the most hated videos on YouTube. So, I give you the fan-cut version of the trailer. Let us know in the comments which you think is the better trailer!

And that is the end of our show! Remember, the Paranormal View is available for free on iTunes, just look for us in the Podcast section. Please subscribe and write a review so other awesome people like yourselves can find us!


Want to be our next Fan of the Week?

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Tel l us why YOU listen to The Paranormal View and you could be our next Fan of the Week. What’s so special about that? You ‘ll receive a special shout-out during the show AND a fun prize!

Leave a comment with the reasons you tune in (be sure to include your name) and listen to this Saturday’s show to find out if you’re in the spotlight.  8 PM EST at

Are you ready? The Skeptics Return!

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Two new-to-the-View Skeptics join the panel to debate Dave Jones of Para-X Radio! Don’t miss this episode –

Guess the Guest!!

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Our good friend and paranormal publicist Donn Shy is sending us a super-special secret guest for Saturdy, November 28th! The guest is SO secret, in fact, that even Henry and I don’t know who it will be and we want your help.

We’ll share the clues as we get them and YOU can guess he guest! The first correct guess (which we’ll announce on Saturday’s show) will win a copy of EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena by Mike Markowicz.

What we know so far:

  • The guest is a MALE in the paranormal field
  • He has been a guest on many radio shows and is a crowd favorite.