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Crop Circles in a Whole New Light

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I’m thrilled that Freddy Silva will be joining us this Friday night to discuss the phenomenon of crop circles.  He has a unique theory about the creation of the patterns, their meanings, and about the creators themselves.  Freddy’s book, Secrets In The Fields, covers the factors that support his theory.

On his website,, Freddy writes:

Crop circle

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Make an informed decision on the authenticity of crop circles and their association with sound, sacred geometry, biophysics, and human consciousness. For over a decade this site has led the way in crop circles research, providing an antidote to deliberate falsification of the genuine phenomenon by skeptics and hoaxers. Crop circles are scientifically proven to be manifestations of energy under intelligent guidance. Over 80 eyewitnesses describe them to be made by tubes of light, in less than fifteen seconds, as proved by a camera crew in 1989.

Check out Freddy Silva’s article about the connections of crop circles to the Apocalypse.

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