Darcie McGrath

We talk with Darcie McGrath about Parapsychology and ghosts.

One Response to “Darcie McGrath”

  1. I had to work a double the night of your show and i missed it. BAD ME I have had a chance to hear it since then and I must say I was very impressed with the varsity of your knowledge and your Methodism it has a kinship to what we have refined here at the Paranormal Man Ass. If I seem to be pouring it on so to speak it is mainly because a Median are not the first people I call for a investigation. To many “wont to bes” out there have left me a bad taste. I would have enjoyed being available for the show I would have tossing some thoughts back and forth with you. GOD bless and I would like to chat over coffee some time. Henry has my number. mike@theparanormalman.com

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