Back By Popular Demand!

Tim Swartz, Emmy Award winning television producer and author of “Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla” and “Secret Black Projects”, returns to The Paranormal View this Saturday (March 6th) for another discussion of conspiracy and controversy. Don’t miss this exciting episode!


Post a reply and you could get this week’s on-air thanks AND be entered into the drawing for the Fan Prize of March: a copy of “The Spirit Connection” by Dr. Hans Holzer!

3 Responses to “Back By Popular Demand!”

  1. Meh you guy’s alwas have a great show”tossed CC a chezzberger”whatch out for tha cealing cat 😛

  2. DonnShy Says:

    Always ‘digging in’ to get the answers, The Paranormal View brings guests that inspire thought, and discussion, along with hosts that ask the questions that we all want the answers to! Thanks to Beth and Henry!

  3. Ron_Coyote Says:

    I just plain dig the show. You couple Henry’s easy going personality and Beth’s inquisitive nature, it’s a great duo! Somehow these two get the very best guests and it’s a show that professionals talk show hosts could learn a great deal from.

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