Want to be our next Fan of the Week?

Tel l us why YOU listen to The Paranormal View and you could be our next Fan of the Week. What’s so special about that? You ‘ll receive a special shout-out during the show AND a fun prize!

Leave a comment with the reasons you tune in (be sure to include your name) and listen to this Saturday’s show to find out if you’re in the spotlight.  8 PM EST at www.para-x.com

12 Responses to “Want to be our next Fan of the Week?”

  1. I like the shows and the information. The people are great and friendly.

  2. Hey you to, ok ok so this may be lame but I’ve gotta say I am a big fan of the show. Even if i didn’t have 2 shows to produce on Para-x on Saturdays I’d still tune in and listen, and have always listend even if not in the chat room…. Think your doing great and wouldn’t change a thing..

  3. hi all love the show keep up the great work,hope to listen your show for a long time,and maybe do some work for you. lol

  4. Beth & Henry are chuck full of fun. Entertaining and informative every week they give us a great show without fail. I admit I miss a show here and there, but I’m subscribed to the podcast, bring my friends to listen to join me, and I think I should be picked as “Fan of the Week” because it brings me so much joy to have my name said with Beth and Henry’s accents.

  5. I just want to start off by saying ” I believe ” All my life I’ve been plagued by spirits! From having one on top of me breathing a horrible nasty growl in my ear and paralizing me so i couldn’t move a muscle, to seeing my guardian angle! They are always around us. My beliefs are they are in another dimension and they want to get with us just as we wa nt to get with them. I know you and your team will be the ones to do it! I envy you guys, I would love to be with you just once to experience it. I don’t know why but they are drawn to me too! I love your show and I have faith you will find the answer!

  6. Please excuse my last reply to your radio station, it was sent to the wrong sight!

  7. Beth and Henry leave us with a feeling of awe each time they are on the air! They never fail to deliver a show of awe inspiring magnitude!!! WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

  8. MOOOOooooooooof loves this show and thinks it is very pleasant. I love the cryptid topic!!!!

  9. Ron_Coyote Says:

    OK I am in! But I am not putting on glass slippers or anything! I do love the show!

  10. Just enjoy the open and friendly forum, good interaction with audiance and willingness to accept a lot of different perspectives.

  11. A place for members of our community to come toghether, share thoughts and ideas and gain from the experiences of others. I enjoy the programming, guests and hope to see it continue to develop and grow. Share it with your friends and associates in the paranormal community!

  12. sandi robinson Says:


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