Are you ready? The Skeptics Return!

Two new-to-the-View Skeptics join the panel to debate Dave Jones of Para-X Radio! Don’t miss this episode –

2 Responses to “Are you ready? The Skeptics Return!”

  1. I had to laugh at one of your Skeptic Tank guests trying to debunk voice phenomena by suggesting there were children present during what one of the hosts confirmed was a private overnight investigation. If said guest bothered to read Waverly’s rules, she’d know that no one under the age of 18 is allowed on half night or overnight investigations. So much for that attempt at “rational explanation” from someone who seems to think she knows it all but doesn’t seem to know much beyond how to be arrogant and rude.

    I realize the point of the show was to present different viewpoints on the paranormal, but I have to wonder why some people call themselves paranormal investigators and waste their time on investigations when their scorn for everything paranormal is so blatantly obvious that they probably wouldn’t acknowledge evidence if it bit them in the backside, to put it politely.

    Speaking of politeness, I don’t think it’s at all polite or mature to do a show, flatter the hosts to their ears, then mock them and their show in other forums.

    You indicated a desire to have the person I’m referring to on again. You are free to do what you wish, of course, but I’m sure you could find someone more interesting, more interested, and more respectful than the likes of that to fill up the hour.

  2. Hi kids just a note to tell ya what a great job your doing keep up the good job see ya in chat

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