What is EVIDENCE to You?

I had the pleasure of acting as guest co-host for Haunted Downunder Radio tonight with the infamous (but always entertaining) Rusty O’Nhiall.  We discussed an often debated topic that really needs no debate at all – EVIDENCE.

When you’re investigating the paranormal and you record audio tracks or take photos, you are collecting DATA.  When that data contains anomalies that cannot be explained – even by the most thorough of experts – you then likely have EVIDENCE.  A speck on a photo does not proof of the paranormal make.

Anyway, I’d like for the listeners of The Paranormal View to have an opportunity to chime in on this topic.  What are your opinions about evidence and how critical are you in classifying your data as such?

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4 Responses to “What is EVIDENCE to You?”

  1. Infamous?? *laugh*

    Yes you’re right, the definition of what constitutes evidence, as we discussed, does not need interpretation yet, many hotly debate it. The fact is that what is evidence is very very clear.

    It was an honour to have Beth on my show today, always a refreshing time well spent as always.

    Haunted Downunder Radio

  2. I would say the paranormal community or ghost culture. Has defined the definition of what evidence is not.


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  4. Quite interested in guesting on your show to discuss my paranormal detective mystery series, The Weird Adventures of Daniel Rumanos. Please feel free to contact me via email concerning this. Cheers!

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