Dowsing is Far More Than Just Finding Water

Have you ever lost your keys and spent more than an hour frantically searching for them only to recover them in an obscure or unlikely place?  Dowsing could have helped you find them in minutes.  Have you ever felt like there was just a negative cloud hanging in your home, draining you and making you uncomfortable in your nest?  Dowsing could point you toward the physical things in your environment to blame for the negativity.  Do you play the lottery?  Dowsing can even help you pick the best numbers.

If you’re not convinced that using a pendulum or metal rods correctly can help you with all of these areas of your life and more, you need to tune in to The Paranormal View this Friday!  You’ll hear from the experts about their first-hand experiences with the mystery of dowsing.

The practice of dowsing is mentioned many times in the Christian Bible, can be seen in paintings that don the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs, and was called a gift from the gods by Homer in “The Oddesy”.  Find out what makes dowsing work and learn experiments YOU can do that put it to the test!

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